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Software Solutions designed to fit your business needs.

We have been supporting small to large sized businesses with wide and diverse requirements for many years and we fully understand the 
requirements of businesses and the problems faced on a daily basis.

A software that puts together
the puzzle pieces.

We offer you what you need to run your business more effectively.
Not more - not less.

Cloud and on-site.

Cloud based or on site? We do both. We can provide our software fully implemented on a hosted cloud server environment that relieves you of the responsibly of owning, maintaining and upgrading your own equipment. Alternatively it can be implemented within your own network. 

Totally Personalised 

When you choose a Mero software, you choose a software personalised to your business. Flexibility is important to us. That's why we have about 500 switches in out system to make it fit your needs.


Web and Mobile

We offer a web-component which can be setup to allow your customers online access to their account status, as well as printing copies of invoices. As well as a full mobile interface which allows your on the road staff to easily enter data to the system.

Fully integrated

The Mero software is totally integrated for the entire business. This allows for data to flow in real-time through all aspects of the system giving your staff easy access to up-to-date information.

We can do it all. 

Our software solutions help you with all the business operations you need to handle.



You will be able to create lead tracking, follow-ups, quotes, invoices and sales history within the CRM. Get extensive reporting on information like preferred products, marketing, important conversations and more.


Human Resources

Our Human Resources System handles all aspects of employee record keeping, reviews, health and safety, training and even a full Leave Management / Self Service System.


Hire Management

Handles multiple component hiring as well as on going hiring. Tracks overdue contracts and automatically adds extra charges when returned. Full history of hires - easy to call up. The Pricing Matrix gives a virtually unlimited range of pricing.


Jobbing Management

Provides job quoting, management and scheduling system. Can bill labour as fixed price or actual time. Staff time can be tracked against job and automatically transferred to payroll. Create automatic purchase orders for stock required on jobs.



Offers easy scheduling, work creation orders, cost tracking, wastage tracking, bill of materials and back order processing. Reports are available such as wastage, overruns and detailed analysis of profit margins on quantities, works orders and costs.


18 Period Ledger

We work with 18 periods in the General Ledger. This allows processing the new business year without finalizing the previous business year first. This gives you six months for finalizing the previous business year, whilst going on producing Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements and Trading Accounts.


Stock Management

Effective stock management reduces inventory costs. Allows unlimited stock points, alternate codes, serialization and barcode printing. Extensive reporting available including BOM summaries, warehouse management, purchasing analysis, stock replenishment and price variation analysis.


Service Management

Users can create jobs and schedule to technicians. Which can log in (remotely or from mobile) to get assigned jobs, enter details and parts used. Full service history information is available and the module interfaces to invoicing. Job cards are created and can use cost recovery rates for labour allocations.



Invoicing is automatically created from within the workflow. You can also add courier tracking and consignment numbers on invoices. The Invoice layouts can be customized to your own requirements. This includes invoicing in overseas currencies.


Add To Accounting

The use of ‘Add To’ accounting within Mero allows you the total flexibility of financial reporting. This includes creating consolidated group accounts along with individual cost centre accounts. It just means we can offer all the reporting you require. 

For more detailed information, have a look
at our general online-brochure.

 Any questions ? 

You can get a better overview of the fields your resources are allocated to. Whether this is time, money or staff. With the different reports you will be able to keep track of your resources and to improve how and where you spend them. You also get business data analytics for better, more accurate and actionable insights.

Our software combines the different reports and metrics across various departments into the same environment. Therefore, everyone is on the same level. On top, it makes it faster to find the information or report you’re after because everything is in the same place. The Data flow will also be faster/ more efficient. 

Your staff feel happier due to the fact they are all using software with the same interface, hence its easier for staff and training a new staff member is also easier.

As staff get used to the Mero Application, productivity goes up, due to the high level of integration, ease of use of the software and many tools designed to make things easier for operation of the business.

We try to keep the time and effort on your end as low as possible for you. We are working remotely, which makes the whole process a lot more time efficient. We also provide support 24/7/365 - so if you struggle with something we are available within 15 minutes to assist you. 

1. Access: We have the ability to provide unlimited security levels which give users different levels of access based on their login details, meaning business areas/ staff can be given restricted access to certain staff members.

2. Data: When your software is cloud based, we do two hourly back-ups on the server - local backups at night as well as a nightly backup to our offices. On top of that we do a monthly backup locally in the cloud and to our premises.  

If you pick MERO software, you can be sure to end up with a personalised solution that fits YOUR business, but not an “Orphan” program due to the fact the personalization is done with software switches’.

Mero software is highly integrated into our own accounting software. This means we can provide any degree of financial reporting in “real time”

Mero offer a high degree of support to your staff, meaning when you have an issue it gets resolved quickly and with a minimum of fuss. 

We offer a Specification guarantee! We are the specialists in our field so we are going to provide you with what you want and need. If we missed something, we will provide it to you by no extra cost. 

We don't have fixed prices, since we don't offer fixed packages. But we are flexible with what we can offer. We are convinced we will find something that suits your business and pocket. 

Client stories

We are happy to help businesses to overcome their daily challenges.

We had doubts at first about installing something new, since we always just used a simple accounting system. Much to our surprise administration now takes much less time, customers are really impressed by the professional contracts we produce. We were also able to eliminated mistakes which we did not know we were making before integrating the Mero Software.

We had issues communicating with our staff. Mero came to our rescue with a centralised Tool, which generates job cards for our staff as well as giving a true picture of costs on jobs eliminating errors we previously made with our very inadequate old accounting system.

It has been invaluable in removing the possibility of human error and inaccurate inventory when working out our costing for our jobs as they are of a highly customisable nature. It runs seamlessly on our servers, and is quick and easy to use. I believe my return on investment has been quickly realised and as a result we are looking at expanding our filter business.

Simply brilliant software. Buy it you will be impressed!

The Installation allowed us to reduce administration staff and improve our customer service within a very short period.

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We are the specialists on this field and know what your business needs to work more effectively. The best way to prove this to you is via an online demonstration. Just fill out the form, tell us about the challenges you need to overcome and we will set up an online demonstration for you.

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