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How do our staff get training when you are remote?

We hold interactive training sessions using the phone and the internet. This works really well as staff can see what we are doing / showing them on the screen. This also means that if one of them can’t work something out or are having a problem they can call us and we can go onto their screen almost instantly.

How do we get support if it is after support hours?

We recommend that, in the first instance you lodge a ticket on our helpdesk system, but you can also email or call. Our support phones are answered between the hours of 9am to 6pm business hours in the country you are based. But you should never have to call us.

How does security work on your software?

We have the ability to have unlimited security levels which give users different levels of access based on their login details, meaning areas can be given restricted access to certain staff members.

How many stock points / branches can we have?

When appropriate as many as you need to, there are no limits within the system. 

What does a “Free-format” ledger mean?

It means we can structure our Chart of Accounts, (i.e. the ledger codes you use) in any way you like. It also means our General Ledger Report Writer is not constrained to the exact structure of your Chart of Accounts.

Does your Ledger meet any criteria or world-wide specifications?

Our Software is fully IFRS [International Financial Reporting Standards] and GAAP [Generally Accepted Accounting Principles] compliant.

How does your system run, how secure is our data and what about backups?

This is something we prefer to discuss over the phone or by email as every system is different and individual specifications need to be discussed.

Can we have our own Logo on documentation?

Yes, you certainly can. The logo does need to match our size specifications but this is something that can be quickly and easily resolved with minimal cost.

What does the monthly support cost cover? 

Monthly support costs cover all technological failures and problems within the systems, however human error will incur an additional fee outside of this cost.

What about form layouts, can we use our existing ones?

Our Software comes with a standard set of forms which about 98% of our clients use. If you have special requirements please let a member of staff know.

What format does the data have to be supplied in?

We prefer a .csv [comma delimited] file although we can look at almost any format. 

What happens at the end of the financial year?

Our General Ledger has 18 periods in it instead of the normal 13 periods. This means you have six months after the end of the financial year in which you can go on producing Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and other reports as though you had completed the previous financial year. When your accountant finalises your end of year accounts adjustments can be entered and these will automatically flow through into the new year. 

Can we automatically send documents out by email?

Yes, you definitely can.

Is there any limit to the amount of data that the system can hold?

As we use cloud storage, there is no maximum amount of data that can be stored.

Can we print our own messages on documents?

Almost every document which goes out to clients is monogramed to your specification. 

Will your software work with any Operating System?

This is a Microsoft based system and the program will work on all versions Windows, we recommend  Windows 7 or higher. 

Is your software based on Balance Forward or Open Item accounting?

Our systems are based on Open Item, but we do have a few features in the software which allow you to use some of the “useful” features that people found so helpful in Balance Forward. 

What is the size of stock codes in your system?

We allow 30 characters which can be letters or numbers. However we do recommend that all stock codes are entered as capitals as this makes searching a lot easier and this also gives consistency.

Do you have a facility for handling stock supersession’s?

Yes, we do. This function allows you to enter as many supersession codes as you like to one stock code. 

What about the minor differences in tax between systems?

As all systems calculate Tax differently there will be very minor differences in the amount of Tax calculated. Most countries have an allowance of some nature for this type of thing.