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What is Mero ERP Software

Mero ERP Software system (ERP  stands for Enterprise Resource Planning)

What makes Mero ERP stand out from other management packages is simply that it's a quicker programme to use, it makes processing orders, purchasing, invoicing, payments as well as all manner of general business management easier and more efficient,

ERP is world renowned and usually used in medium to large companies, as it is one totally integrated package providing you with one "source of truth" and no double entry.

For smaller companies Mero is often able to select specific modules that fit your needs, yet give you the ability to grow into our higher end packages in the future as your business needs increase. All our packages come with personalised care and training in a fully integrated business environment. ​

Mero covers all areas with regards to business solutions as we provide a full range of products to suit all business types, sizes and client needs, hence we are certain to offer your business a solution that suits you perfectly.

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